Interview Questions for Front End Developer
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Interview Questions for Front End Developer

Hi, today I will share some interview questions for Front End Developer, Web Designers. This article may help you to prepare yourself for interview to get a good job.

Interview questions for Front End Developer

1 : What is DOM?

Answer : Document Object Model. It is a W3C standard. It defines a standard for accessing documents like HTML and XML. You should read about DOM on Here is the url

2 : What is the full form of CSS?

Answer : Cascading Style Sheet. You can describe in brief after learning more about it from Here is the url

3 : What is Javascript ?

Answer : Javascript is a programming language of HTML and Web. You can learn more about it on Here is the url

4 : What is the difference between Tags and Attributes ?

Answer : For Example :  <img> is a tag and src=”” is a attribute.

5 : Can you tell me something about latest tags and attributes of HTML5 ?

Answer : You can read about this on Here is the url : What is the use of z-index ?   Answer : We use z-index property to specify the stack order of an element. An element with greater stack order is always in front of an element with a lower stack. z-index works only on positioned elements. Learn more about it on Here is the url


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