Data Scientist

How to Become a Data Scientist in India

Data Scientist

Hi, today I will give you all the information that you really need to know to become a Data Scientist in India. And I will also explain what skills are required for a data scientist.

Before you start you must note that you can’t achieve this in 6 months by only doing a certification course. It takes time and that is one of the reasons that this is the most popular job of the 21st century.

But once you properly prepared yourself with all the required skills you need, then you can easily become a Data Scientist and get a great job.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a mixture of complex tools and algorithms, mathematics & statistics, data analysis, machine learning, computer science, and programming languages.

Let me give you an example. Companies like Google, Amazon are using Data Science to enhance the user experience and providing them meaningful suggestions while observing their app/website usage and actions.

What qualification is required to become a Data Scientist?

As I have already described that Data Science is a huge combination of technical and mathematical skills. So a highly educated background is required to understand it.

Because becoming a Data Scientist is hard. It takes a lot of effort to start a career in this field. You must have a Masters Degree/Ph.D. in mathematics, statistics, or computer science.

What skills are required for a data scientist?

The following skills are needed to start your career in this field:

1: Python

2: SQL

3: Machine Learning

4: Data Mining

5: Data Wrangling

6: Data Visualization & Communication

Above mentioned skills are enough to start your career as a Data Scientist. You can easily get a good job with these skills in this field.

What are the steps to become a Data Scientist?

Actually, it depends on in which profession you are currently working. For example, if you are already working as a Software Engineering it means you have a good knowledge of programming languages like java, python, SQL, etc.

So you know very well how programming languages operate, how logic can be produced, how data can be measured. Since you will be responsible for handling big data with predictions to measure and visualize.

To start your career in this field you will need to learn the above-mentioned skills. There are two methods to learn these skills. The first method is free and the second method is paid.

Method 1: DIY

Maybe you are looking for an option to learn these skills for free. I would say yes it is possible to learn all these skills for free. As you know a lot of information is available in today’s internet world. So there are some good online platforms like w3schools.comtutorialspoint, and obviously YouTube. where you can learn these skills.

Method 2: Paid Online Video Courses

This method can be a good option for you. Because a lot of people are learning with this option and getting jobs with a good salary. This option is very trendy these days as it is time-saving and gives you a better understanding of all the required things. You can go to UdemyLyndaupgrad, and edx.


Now you have all the understanding of the path to becoming a Data Scientist. I have explained about the two methods, the required skills and qualifications to become a Data Scientist. You can easily learn these skills to get your desired job. I hope this information was useful for you.

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