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100% Working Advertising Technique for Small Businesses

Advertising Technique

Hi, today I will share some tips about Advertising Technique for small businesses with my personal 8 years of experience. If you really want to increase your sales then read this article carefully.

Advertising Technique for small businesses

The Image Advertisement

All small business owners should try The Image Advertisement technique. It’s a very popular and attractive method of promoting products and services through social media to increase your sales and profit.

And the most important thing is you don’t need to pay for a image advertisement to a designer if you have time and some skills in Photoshop. In case you don’t know how to use Photoshop you can learn it on the internet. You can also learn to design your image advertisement yourself on YouTube. It’s not so difficult as people think. In other hand if you want to hire a professional designer to do this task for you on monthly payment basis then you can definitely go ahead.

Hire a Professional Designer

Hiring a designer to create image advertisements will not cost you hard. He/She may charge you INR 200-500 per image. Share one image daily on WhatsApp groups, Facebook, Instagram and all your social media accounts and see the magic.

But make sure you have working people in your network. Now you will think what do I mean by working people. See the next paragraph carefully and try to understand.

Most of small business owners are promoting their products and services with image advertisement, but getting no response. For those I would like to say with my personal experience that any advertisement technique will only work when you share your promotional content in a right place or we can say “with right audience”.

For example you have around 4500 friends in your Facebook or any social media account that you use. But there are too many students and jobless people, and you are trying to share your ads and getting no response. It is just because your network is too weak and it’s not going to give you business at all. Because may be the product or service you are offering is not for them. So how can you expect any response from your ads. You have to connect with only working people to make a strong network then your promotion will work.

To make your social media network stronger always try to connect with working people like business owners, employees and startup companies. Also keep your social media network up to date. So when you have a strong network, you can share your image advertisements on your wall.

But don’t tag anyone with your image advertisements. Because most of people don’t want to be tagged in, so never irritate them by doing these kind of things and always try to be involved with your network. Involve yourself in commenting and liking posts of other people will make you more visible and help you in promotion.

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